Woman offering prayers on Tree Astonishes

There was a female with the name of Furkhanda in Kabul, Afghanistan. She had allegation of blasphemy of Quran. According to resources, she put Quran to fire and some say as she put in the garbage. According to documentary, she was at the age of 27 and was the student of Islamic studies. She was paying accuse of burning the Quran as well.

Off course, it was a grave accusation which had no forgiveness. People were very angry at her and wanted to hit her with sticks. Some were yelling to come out and throwing at fire. She was also questioning with some of men as what is good to just saying Allahu Akbar. She was denying of everything for what she was accusing.

Video: http://khabartaiz.com/pulUt

The allegation was not stopped at one Quran as according to documentary there were more Quran that were burnt. When it was asked why she burnt to Quran, she simple replied as it was not her accusation as Quran were thrown in garbage by some other persons. Actually she was right as she did not know about the Quranic verses in the garbage.

When she put fire to garbage, Quranic verses were also buried along with it. So in reality she had no accusation of burying the Quran as per documentary. When police tried to take her away for miles from that crowd she denied and asked to send female police for this. On the other hand, people were waiting for getting out of police from the room.

When she denied going with police they left her there at the sake of crowd. Crowd had been crazy and they all drag her to outside of the home and started to hit her with slaps and stones. She was alone and could not save her from the tyrant activities and at last she was no more.

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