Zoo Elephant Attacks Tourist Lady Surprisingly

Elephant attacks surprisingly a tourist lady at an animal park in South African. The animal attacked on Female tourist horribly and repeated its attack. Female tourist also did not lose heart and found in this effort as how to get rid from the Elephant. He did not get nervous fortunately.

Elephant was come there at once according to visitor when he was enjoying the visit with his family. He barely saved his family from the fierce Elephant that did not look to spare to whole family. It was the vigilance of the Female tourist who got succeeded to get rid from Elephant.

When the incident was reported to management of the Safari Park, they all were furious over the visitor. They showed proofs to complainants in which they forbade to visitor to go that area where Elephant attacked on the car. They were right at their point and they also started to complaint about the rude behavior of the visitors.

According to them as they put their 100% effort to facilitate visitors so that they can enjoy the visit as they want. According to them, they try to give such environment in the park so that they can place it in their best life moments.

However, the whole Female management looked sad with the behavior of visitor. They say they always do what they think during the visit and they never think about any mishap happen to them and about the reputation of the safari Park. They again requested to change their behavior with the Female management of safari park.


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